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Please go and read this article on how Feed Medical Lake and its founder came about.

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We are a group of volunteers that come together to help out the less fortunate in Medical Lake, Fairchild Air Force Base, and nearby communities!! The program is supported entirely by grants, donations, and volunteers. Please consider being a sponsor of our program by sending a donation. Receipts for tax purposes will be mailed too you. (See our Contact Page.)


Sharing a living confidence in God's grace, as called by Jesus Christ to "feed my lambs," we share God's love through the work of healing and restoring community, receiving and serving everyone because of faith, and without compulsion, out of love and praise of God.


People eating dinner
Friends and families gather
for a nutritious meal and socializing.


A HUGE Thank you goes out to all of our wonderful people that come to help out!! Volunteering today can make a difference with each person we all can do a lot of great things!! In addition to all volunteers, we especially need at least two more male volunteers. If you have just a few hours each month that you can help, please contact us.

Joanna our Director Joanna Williams, Director — Moved to Medical Lake from Salisbury, MD in March, 1979 with my husband, Tom Hauck, and my children. “He brought me across country ‘a kicking‘ and a screaming,‘ but one year later I was here to stay. Mother of three, grandmother of 12, and great grandmother of 13. Started Feed Medical Lake in June 2011 because "no one should be hungry or alone." I love and appreciate all the Feed Medical Lake volunteers and especially the folks who come and bring their families to share a meal.

Hello my name is Tina Bartholomew and I am the Associate Director for Feed Medical Lake. My journey began in 2011, when I was injured at work and deemed disabled. In life we go through many changes, however we have people around us who inspire us. The Founder of Feed Medical Lake lives 2 houses down from me. (Joanna lost one leg to cancer, yet her tenacity has not allowed her disability to slow her down.) God has blessed me in so many ways and I want to give back by serving him. Healing comes from helping others in need.

The Chef Hi I am Aaron and I'm the head Chef here. I started coming here to help out in 2013 and never left, I enjoy all the people I volunteer with, also what we do here. So I hope to see you come in and enjoy a great meal & conversation!! Any questions ask me:

Sam Staff Member I'm Sam I mainly help out in the kitchen cooking, I love helping out here for the friendly people great atmosphere chance to get out to meet new people. Love to cook especially anything BBQ (look out its very good), and be able to converse with our guests. I moved here from Texas a few years ago I love the area and the people.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have: Click Here:

An Overview of the folks that come to enjoy themselves.

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